Sunday, October 5, 2014

Learn How To Get Some Cheap Flooring Ideas To Your House

We Selected some good and low cost ideas to you use in your House, Here are some Cheap Flooring Ideas to make your home Unique.

1 Cheap Flooring Ideas

Before choosing the flooring for the entire house, find out about the most suitable for each room, know the advantages and disadvantages of each material models, prices and quality make all the difference in the environment. 

Choose the floors home is not an easy task, not as it seems, because the home owner needs to evaluate your choice considering some existing elements in the house. Know the main fashion trends and evaluate the parts are indispensable factors to acquire the best flooring and coat the surfaces. 

The ceramic pieces are usually the most used in most homes because they have an easy structure to be clean and perfect fit. The porcelain coating as, for example, combines with all rooms of the house, from the kitchen to the living room. 

Tips and Cheap prices floors for home 

Tiled floors: Floors or Ceramic tile is currently the option that leaves more affordable in the market, they can be smooth or textured. Many mimic the characteristics of other materials, but they are not always faithful in their imitação.Os tile floors are not very sturdy and can end up chipping. 
If this is your option to choose ceramic tiles for a home remodeling, the price is around £ 18 / m². Choose pieces with good quality, and always consult a professional to put in your home-loa, because if not the visual and product durability are compromised. Grout can also be a problem, depending on the color you choose, and which place to use, it can get dirty easily. 

Not stain, easy to clean (if not textured) and cheap. Can be used in virtually every room in the house, even if it is less suitable for bedrooms because they can influence the temperature of the environment. There frosted models, enameled, flat, grooved, marbled, that mimic wood, stone, tiles or bricks. 

The value of tile floors can vary from $ 10 / m² to $ 20 / m², not the value of labor. 

Burnt cement: The burnt cement is preferred that the usually daring in home decor floor. This floor provides a more rustic and modern finish, but should be performed with specialized labor not to increase the risk of crack in the future, what can happen. There are some companies that already offer the ready with several color options mass. Most times it is more expensive, but this material does not leave together, ie, the floor is smooth. As for the finish it can be matte or glossy, colored or gray and looks good in all environments d house. 

The value of this floor is from £ 40 / m² without hand labor. 

Cheap Flooring Idea

Porcelain: is a beautiful floor, good durability and several models exist in the market, including mimicking natural fiber. 

The porcelain tile is more expensive than ceramic, but it's getting more affordable as it becomes popular. It is easy to install, mainly because they are made ​​in large pieces. Do not peel like ceramic does not absorb much water. It is indicated for up to cover walls. It has smooth and shiny or matte finish and irregular. 

Has some disadvantages such as the pieces are large, most with more than one meter in length, they must be handled very carefully, because the damage is greater if they break. 

Price: from $ 50 / m². 

Besides those mentioned above xistem several other models in the market, like marble, wood floors, so before buying make a good research prices and consider the needs and characteristics of the place where the parts are installed. As for the color of the ground, it should always match the jacket. 

See if the floor is hot or cold, whether or not water resistant, color analysis, and texture. Always try to listen to suggestions from a professional in the field or vendors that may be experienced in the subject. There is much bad stuff in the market then before deceive with promotions seek to know the quality of the product, because it will affect their durability.